Boardgame Bulletin 23-10 – Wargame to Boardgame Scouting Report

The Captain always liked sitting in the Big ChairTM in the middle of the bridge. It was the center of the bridge and, literally, the best seat. Watching the crew scurry about, the Captain could feel it.


On some planets there came a time of the solar year when the climate warmed up. As the temperature of the atmosphere rose it affected many in different ways. For some, it manifested itself in an urge to spend time with family units on travel to leisure or recreation facilities. For too many, it just became a time when all work seemed to slow to a crawl.

The Captain also enjoyed summer for it was a time for fun and GAMES.

“Sensors,” the Captain snapped, ” What’s the nearest threat?”

Commander Jeremy White turned from plotting on the display. “Sir, Atlantic Chase is on trajectory to arrive imminently, according to the GMT. Should make planetfall in less than a solar day.”

Ah, this would be the second Atlantic Chase in the Captain’s experience. Maybe the other was chased away too quickly? The training officer was constantly raving about it.

Marine Force Sergeant Sebastian Bae, sitting at the Naval Analyses station, spoke up. “Sir, the Littoral Commander of The Dietz Foundation is seeking an audience, but not for another two local weeks.”

The Captain tried to keep from staring. Since when do Marines wear flowered cammies?

The door to the bridge swished open. Well, it was supposed to be a swish but the iris valve, looking all like a Compass, was a bit creaky and it caught, forcing the ship’s non-political officer, Edward Castronova, to stumble a bit on entry. “Sir, we have reports from 2040: An American Insurgency is close to breaking out. Maybe within the next 60 days!”

The Captain sighed. He was sure Lieutenant’s Harold and James would express themselves concerning the Red and Blue parties and how they were so “aesthetically unpleasing” to look at. Speaking of the Lieutenants, the Captain remembered it was time to update the Spotify list…again.

Looking around more, the Captain saw the AEG Science Officer stand up and announce, “Captain, I have been studying the cube patterns and it leads me to believe there is a plan to Shake That City below for an urban renewal project kicking off only two months behind schedule.”

Grimacing, the Captain punched the comms station on The Big ChairTM as it was now urgently beeping. The message scroll showed it was from an outsystem society simply called Osprey and agents Thompson and Benjamin. The message was tiled, but the Captain still smiled when he finally made out, “Hey, stay Undaunted: Battle of Britain your favorite movie is the wardroom choice for June.”

Feature image courtesy pintrest © 2007-2023 by Ian B is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

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