Wargame SITREP 230331 N4 Supply – Not singing yet with Song for War: Mediterranean Theater (Invicta Rex Games)

I am a bit disappointed that Song for War: Mediterranean Theater from Invicta Rex Games failed to meet it’s Kickstarter funding goal. When I look at the whole situation I can’t blame Invicta Rex for they did their part and designed a good looking game. More than a few commentators on the campaign complained about the price, somewhat unjustly so in my opinion.

Post mortem

In an email to backers, Invicta Rex discussed some of the way ahead as this campaign closed out:

Your commitment, enthusiasm for the game, and ideas have been inspiring and insightful. As we look to re-launch, areas for further analysis based on your suggestions include:

· Design elements: Including unit silhouettes on tiles, the role and number of plastic pieces, and sticking to our guns on the core visual design and colors.

· Additional scenarios: In a prior update, we shared early plans for adding shorter scenarios (1-2 hours in length), including some before Operation Torch. We’ll keep going.

· Reward levels and price: We will explore different reward levels and price impacts based on ongoing feedback. All suggestions welcome.

· Funding goal: Some backers have suggested a lower funding goal. With 450+ wood pieces, supply chain costs where they are, and manufacturer thresholds, there’s a lot to consider. We will explore options while keeping component quality and game play top of mind.

Update #3

Based on the response to the last suggestion listed above, it appears that Invicta Rex is somewhat conservative in their financial approach. I think many gamers forget all too often that for the vast majority of game publishers it is a hobby and often not a well-paying profession. Some publishers are comfortable putting a vast personal stake into getting their game published while others are not so. As a family man I certainly identify with, and support, the latter position.

Many commentators praised the aesthetics of the game yet balked at the price. For $99 this is what the Kickstarter campaign said you would get:

Courtesy Invicta Rex

Compare this to a current darling of the wargame aesthetics community, Undaunted: Stalingrad (David Thompson & Trevor Benjamin, Opsrey Games, 2022). The components list of this $120 retail game is “375 cards, 129 map tiles, 204 tokens, 4 dice, [and] 4 booklets.” For all the noise I hear about how wargames need to “express themselves” using different aesthetics and not the same-old tired hex & counter with combat results table (Oh, so yesterday!) I have to wonder where those gamers were for this campaign.

Circle the wagons in DC

This coming weekend I’m headed to the small Circle DC convention in…Washington, DC. Invicta Rex is supposed to be present and I look forward to seeing Song for War in person. I also look forward to hearing about relaunch plans, but hope that any relaunch doesn’t sacrifice the aesthetics of the game nor place an undue financial burden on the Invicta Rex staff.

Feature image “An American soldier slept on a pile of rocks during the drive towards Rome, 1944courtesy rarehistoricalphotos.com.

RockyMountainNavy.com © 2007-2023 by Ian B is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

7 thoughts on “Wargame SITREP 230331 N4 Supply – Not singing yet with Song for War: Mediterranean Theater (Invicta Rex Games)

  1. hexedandcountered March 31, 2023 — 5:33 pm

    I’m with you on this one – I was really bummed that it didn’t make it. Hopefully the relaunch will go much better. I’ll try to give it a mention on my YT channel again when it does go back on KS.

    1. I should see the Invicta Rex crew this weekend and will pass along the hopes.

  2. I was all excited about this game when I first saw it in the test phase and was ready to pull the trigger. Reading more on the game, however, I was left wondering about its historical accuracy when I found out the Italians and Germans could build and deploy aircraft carriers to the Med. They each had one in real life (Graf Zeppelin and Aquila), but they never came close to seeing action. Perhaps it was a variant but that was not clear. I already am stuck with some “pretty” wargames that don’t work as simulations, and I have other priorities for my gaming budget.

    1. I heard about that. For me I want to explore the GAME and am not that worried about hsitorial “accuracy.” I guess for this game I am happy with “strong period flavor.”

      1. I’ll be interested in reading your comments after you play the game. I thought you were tough on Boer War because the game board ergonomics weren’t great, but you’re willing to give this game a more sympathetic hearing because it looks nice. I usually agree with your opinions, but a game has to be more than pretty to me. I want to make sure this isn’t just A&A on steroids.

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