#Wargame SITREP 230113 N4 Supply: New Arrival – Next War Series Supplement #3 (GMT Games, 2022)

New wargame acquisition this past week was Next War Series Supplement #3 from GMT Games. This is a product that sat on my P500 pre-order list for almost three years (since February 2020). Obviously, that means I have been looking forward to this product for a while as it was the oldest item currently on my Preorders & Kickstarter GeekList. I recognize the constant struggle to keep the Next War Series “up-to-date” and in the case of Supplement #3 there is a hodgepodge collection of updates and rules. Most updates appear to pre-date the Russian invasion of Ukraine but some make reference to the event (see 4.16 Next War: Poland). I think every game in the series is mentioned but doing so reminds me that Next War: Taiwan (the only title I don’t own own) remains stuck at 800+ orders in the “Made the Cut” category.

Next War Series Supplement #3 (GMT Games, 2022)

Inbound items that will (hopefully) deliver before the end of the month includes C3i Magazine #36 with designer Trevor Bender’s Desert Victory: North Africa, 1940-1942. This game is what C3i Magazine is calling, “the next chapter in the C3i Combined Arms Series that first debuted with Nr 34’s Kursk.” That game, like Desert Victory now, uses rules for Posture to show reinforcements and readiness. Broadly speaking, if your force is in an offensive posture, you fight better but lose reinforcements. Conversely, if you are refitting you really cannot conduct offensives but gain reinforcements. It’s a nice simple mechanism to show the balance between offense, defense, and reinforcements & supply.

According to the last update from Canvas Temple Publishing posted Dec 17, 2022, copies of Imperial Campaigns Series Game Nr. 1: The Boer War were imminently to arrive. I know Jon Compton is the epitome of a literal “one-man operation” but I hope to see my Kickstarter campaign fulfillment copy soon—maybe even this month?

Finally, it looks like Carrier Battles: Philippine Sea from Compass Games is closer but likely delivering no earlier than sometime in February. It successfully funded through Kickstarter in October 2022…which looks like a quick turn-around of a mere 4 months. Truth is this title is now my longest preorder dating from September 2020 (almost 2.5 years). This is an example of the preorder shenanigans I talked about in a December 2022 post on the subject.

Feature image courtesy RMN

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3 thoughts on “#Wargame SITREP 230113 N4 Supply: New Arrival – Next War Series Supplement #3 (GMT Games, 2022)

  1. Must order a copy of supllement 3- despite my love/ hate relationship with the game.



    1. It’s mostly an update to NEXT WAR: POLAND and kinda KOREA. If that’s your games then definitely but if not you could probably get by. Then again, it’s not that too expensive for the extra maps and counters.

      1. I’ve got Poland and Korea. In that case I’ll definitely pick it up.



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