#Sunday Summary – How #wargames spread holiday cheer thanks @LnLPub @gmtgames @hollandspiele @MultiManPub @TinyBattleGames and others

Many holiday wargame sale orders have arrived over the past few weeks. Big shout-outs to Clash of Arms, Flying Pig Games, GMT Games, Hollandspiele, Lock n’ Load Publishing, Multi-Man Publishing, and Tiny Battle Publishing. Thanks to them I have 12 new occupiers (not all shown below) of my “Shelf of Shame” that I need to unbox for Armchair Dragoons and then play and otherwise duly consider.

Speaking of shelves, I’m going to need to hunt for some new shelf space to fit some of these boxes. While most are “standard” boxes at 9.25″x11.75″x1.5″ depth, Wings of the Motherland is a 3″ deep box. World at War ’85: Storming the Gap is slightly oversized 9.75″x13.5″x3″ deep box, but those two Old School Tactical games come in monster 11″x16″x2.5″ deep boxes. They’re heavy too!

While many wargames have arrived, EMAIL-INT indicates at least three more wargames inbound with time-on-target before Christmas. Additionally, signals from the 12th of the 25th Elf Scouts Regiment reports a strong likelihood that at least one, possibly two wargames are “present”-ly occupying camouflaged positions (aka “under wrap”) beneath a large tree that uses bright, flashing lights to attract/distract attention.

Feature image courtesy sillyscott.com

RockyMountainNavy.com © 2007-2022 by Ian B is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

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