#Wargame Wedneday – Bag job with The Crew in Five Parsecs from Home (@Modiphius, 2021)

The continuing sage of The Crew ‘s adventures played using Five Parsecs from Home – Solo Adventure Wargaming published by Modiphius (2021).

The Set Up

The Crew (minus B0T5 who is left behinds) has a Patron mission to Deliver a package. They are walking into a Small Encounter where they will face a seven-man Anarchist-Criminal gang armed with a Colony Rifle, 3x Military Rifle, a Hand Laser, an Infantry Laser with a Specialist carrying a Rattle Gun; each also carries a Blade.

Battle Round

Morphius casually eyed the plaza from a block away. “What ya’ think?”

Dex, who grew up in crowded cities, looked on approvingly. “It’s not a big park, but I really like the two buildings overlooking the place, not to mention the four little shops for good cover. Those walls along the moving walkway also provide cover.” He hefted his Infantry Laser. “I think I can get a good overwatch position on a roof.”

Wedge, who was holding the package, looked doubtfully at Dex. “Dude, you’re the fastest one we got. Why don’t you carry the package? I’ve got Vera here.” Wedge lovingly patted his Marksman Riffle with Laser Sight. “I should be overwatch.”

“We just need to go and get this over with,” said Whiskers. Mac nodded.

“OK,” Morphius decided. “Dex is the bagman. Wedge to overwatch. Whiskers leads and Mac brings up the rear. We wait 5 mikes to let Wedge get into position before we enter from the west. I don’t see any obvious bad guys, but Gabner said we should expect some. On my hack….HACK!”

No sooner had Whiskers stepped off when seven goons armed with an assortment of gear spilled out of the north building. Fortunately, Morphius saw Wedge set up on the roof of the south building and gave him the signal as The Crew quickly loosened off a barrage of fire. [The Crew is able to Seize the Initiative and each get a shot off except for Whiskers who finds the targets just beyond the reach of his shotgun. Four rolls to hit give 2x Hits from a pair of natural 6s!. Of the two hit, one goes down.]

Seeing one bad guy down, Wedge quickly lines up another target and lets loose. [Wedge is assigned the lowest Reaction Roll and is firing in the Quick Actions segment.] Another one down…five more to go.

Having seen two of their comrades already fall the gang of Anarchist Criminals return fire [Enemy Actions] as bystanders flee in terror. Much to The Crew’s surprise, Wedge, Mac, and Whiskers are all hit. Mac stumbles and falls to the ground…

[Slow Actions] Morphius and Whiskers both take Aim and Fire. Two more baddies fall (three left). Dex dashes for the kiosk where the delivery is to be made…

[In the End Phase the baddies test for Morale but all pass. New Battle Round begins…]

Wedge gets off yet another shot, this time at the apparent leader [Quick Action after Reaction Rolls]. Unfortunately, he rushes his shot a bit and just misses…

Dex’s movement attract the fire of two bad guys, while Whiskers comes under fire from a third [Enemy Actions]. As bullets plink off the castcrete walls of the walkway, Dex thanks the gods for the cover. Whiskers, on the other hand, has to shrug off a hit from a Colony Rifle.

Morphius, and Whiskers take Aim and Fire again while Dex reaches the delivery point [Slow Actions]. The Crew seem a bit rattled here as all miss. It doesn’t really matter as the remaining bad guys turn and run.

[Technically, the mission is a Success since Dex reached the objective. Though they are deemed Aggressive the remaining Anarchist-Criminals flee which leaves The Crew Holding the Battlefield].


Word on the street travels fast, and this gang of Anarchist-Criminals, known as Red Revenge, swear vengeance [Resolve Rival Status – GAIN Rival]. The Crew’s Patron, Gabron, is very pleased and introduces The Crew to Channing who hints at future “prospects.” [Resolve Patron Status – Added]. The Crew also gets a lead on Mac’s lost girlfriend [Determine Quest Progress – d6+1 = 4 > Gain Quest Rumor].

Gabron settles up with The Crew. After bonuses, they add 9 Credits to their account [Get Paid]. The Crew watches their bank account go from 17 Credits to 26…with 32 Credits debt on their ship. That was one heckuva important package, eh? The Crew also found a vial of “Rage Out” on one of the fallen baddies [Battlefield Finds – Consumables – “Rage Out”]. Whiskers reminds the group that, as a Feral, he doesn’t need Rage Out. Morphius hands it over to Mac who is the unofficial “Doc” for the team, but wonders what would happen if the stoic Mac took some. “Don’t want to find out,” he thinks to himself.

This was not an Invasion Battle so there is no Check for Invasion. As The Crew gathers their payment and other Loot which is how the come to possess two data files [Gather Loot – Rewards – “Data Files” (2x Rumors)].

Although Mac went down in the battle, when all is said and done the only loss is a bit of Mac’s pride and his Scrap Pistol [Injury roll…Equipment Loss].

Experience Points (XP) Gained

  • Morphius – 3 XP (Survived and Won)
  • Wedge – 4 XP (Survived and Won, First Character to Inflict a Casualty)
  • Mac – 4 XP (Survived and Won, Became a Casualty)
  • Dex – 3 XP (Survived and Won)
  • Whiskers – 3 XP (Survived and Won)

No character has enough XP to upgrade an Ability Score at the moment nor do any chose to go to Advanced Training. Mac convinces The Crew that some new gear is needed and after paying 3 Credits he is the owner of a Frag Vest.

With the word on the street that the Red Revenge has put a mark down on The Crew yet another “businessman” reaches out to Morphius about The Crew “engaging in services” [Roll for Campaign Event – “You’ve made some business contacts.” (Add new Patron)].

[Here endeth the Campaign Turn]

Although this world is Travel Restricted, the fact you don’t need a Freelancer License and with several Patrons on hand leads The Crew to decide not to travel. Before taking up their next job, The Crew drops into a “local establishment” that is known for playing a long-lost boardgame simply known as “Settlers.” [Back to World Step].

Feature image courtesy newscientis.com

RockyMountainNavy.com © 2007-2022 by Ian B is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

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