Wargaming the Next Korean War via @ADragoons

RockyMountainNavy, 1 June 2022 While we are currently following the war in Ukraine, it is important to remember that there are other potential …

Wargaming the Next Korean War

4 thoughts on “Wargaming the Next Korean War via @ADragoons

  1. Great article. I really enjoyed it. I think GMT could do a never ending series of Next War supplements keeping the games current with the geopolitical situation. As much as I may like them to do that I think the reality of board game manufacturing economics will hit….



  2. Great article. I’m biased in my background, but it seems that, at least tactically, the “modernization problem” could be solved to an extent by using a generalist system and just giving the northerners advanced Chinese/Russian equipment as desire.

    1. The problem, like we seeing the Ukraine, is not just about equipment but how it gets used. Wargames that focus on hardware are missing those other elements of warfighting, what Col Dupuy called CEV (Combat Effectiveness Value) in his models. I feel that too often we ascribe equipment to a potential foe and make radical assumptions on how they will (or won’t) use it that leads us to some bad predictions.

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