New Year 2022 brings #Wargame reorg and #TTRPG CharGen Challenge (mentions of @ADragoons, @alegisdownport &

Happy New Year!

The Year Ahead

Am trying to figure out what sort of (informal) gaming challenge/resolutions I want to make for the coming year. I already have the #TTRPG CharGen Challenge (see below). Youngest RMN is changing work schedules meaning that a return to Friday or Saturday Night Family Game Night is possible. The RMN Boys also want to host game nights for two other families. For myself, I really want to deep-dive into some wargames this year which is part of the reason I pulled several series games together (see below…again). I’m interested in experimenting with using those series games to create a story (wargame narrative).

I’m also going to try to write on a more regular basis for the Armchair Dragoons. I have a long piece I’ve been working on over the holiday. Not quite done yet…but close. I also want to submit some writing to #TravellerRPG sites like maybe @alegisdownport or For some reason, the most popular posts on this blog are often related to the Traveller RPG and not wargames.

For this blog, I’m going to try to focus on a couple of areas:

  • #Wargame Wednesday
  • #RPGThursday
  • #HistoryToWargame

2022 Order of Battle Update

I decided to reorganize my wargame shelves this weekend. Previously, my wargames were arranged by publisher-date of publication. While this had the advantage of making the shelves look neat (generally similar boxes/labels/sizes together) it also made it harder for me to see what “genre” of games I own. Where are all my air warfare games? Or the Panzer series? So I reorganized by era, combat domain, or series. While it doesn’t look as neat, it is easier for me to find different games.

Here is how I organized:

  • Eras (arranged chronologically within each era)
    • Pre- World War I
    • American Revolution
    • Napoleonics
    • American Civil War
    • World War I
    • Interwar
    • World War II
    • Korean War/Chinese Civil War/Vietnam
    • Modern Historical
    • Cold War Hypothetical
    • Science Fiction (arranged by “universe”)
  • Air/Naval Games (Air & Naval each arranged chronologically)
  • Series Games
    • Great War at Sea/Second World War at Sea-series
    • Panzer-series
    • Tank Duel-series
    • Wing Leader-series
    • Admiralty Trilogy Games
    • MBT-series
    • Fleet-series
    • South China Sea-series (includes predecessor Breaking the Chains)
    • Next War-series (includes predecessor Crisis: XXX games)
    • Commands & Colors-series

We’ll see how this works out for me in the new year.

Tabletop Roleplaying Games

I see there is a 31-day #charactercreationchallenge in the TwitterSphere. Making a new character every day in January is a bit much for me, but I made a 2022 Challenge for myself of RPGGeek to generate a new character at least once a week by going through my TTRPG collection from oldest to newest. So far I have 48 titles to work from. In the next few weeks expect to see the “retro era” roll out (heh heh) with Classic Traveller (GDW, 1977), Behind Enemy Lines (FASA, 1982), James Bond 007 (Victory Games, 1983), and Star Trek: The Roleplaying Game – 1st Edition (FASA, 1983).

Here’s wishing all of you a blessed New Year and may 2022 be joyful for you and your family. © 2007-2022 by Ian B is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

2 thoughts on “New Year 2022 brings #Wargame reorg and #TTRPG CharGen Challenge (mentions of @ADragoons, @alegisdownport &

  1. Happy New Year- I look forward to seeing what you blog about in the coming year. Especially the history to wargame.



  2. Thanks for the mention! 😁

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