Thinking About My #Wargame Order of Battle

I’ll admit it—I am a collector of wargames. According to my BoardGameGeek collection I “own” 728 games and a further 230 expansions. Of the games, 353 are categorized as a “Wargame” by BGG. Suffice it to say I have lots of game boxes I need to shelve if I want to see my collection. But how do I shelve them?

To date, I organized my wargame shelf by Publisher-Stock Number. I also put several series games together at the end of the collection, in particular Victory Games Fleet Series and Panzer/MBT and Wing Leader from GMT Games. With my focus more on War Engine Games (see “Rev’ing My War Engine”) I think I need to relook at my organization.

Being a History major from college, I tend to organize my thoughts in historical order. Although keeping games arranged by publisher gives the look of a more organized shelf, it also scatters many topically related games about. So I feel I need to return to some sort of historical chronology.

As it gets really hot outside I think I will take advantage of working in the basement and reorganize the wargame collection. I’ll let you know what I end up doing when I figure it out.

2 thoughts on “Thinking About My #Wargame Order of Battle

  1. Yikes that’s a lot of games!

  2. I’m the same way. I sort by period and where possible year and or operation. I like to keep some sets together, but generally period/age/era makes the most sense to me.

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