Sunday Summary – The Atlantic Chase time sink, P500 temptation, and raking in the Moon with @gmtgames @compassgamesllc @Academy_Games @MoonrakersGame #wargame #boardgame


Time Sink

Well, I’m not so great at keeping to my wargaming plans. In the same week I write about “Rev’ving my War Engine” and commitment to “War Engine” games I spent a good deal of my gaming time this past week playing a single new wargame, Atlantic Chase: The Kriegsmarine Against the Home Fleet, 1939-1942 (Jeremy White, GMT Games, 2020). I’m going to have more thoughts in a forthcoming “Wargame Wednesday” entry but suffice it to say that, while the game design and presentation are innovative, the time needed to learn the game is much more than I expected…and I’m not talking about actually playing the game, just learning how to play the game!

Temptation…and Disappointment?

The monthly GMT Update hit the email box this week. The good news? The latest GMT Games update tells me that Wing Leader: Legends, 1937-1945 and The Dark Summer: Normandy 1944 will likely arrive in May. Panzer Expansion #1: The Shape of Battle – The Eastern Front, 2nd Printing, Tank Duel: Expansion #1 North Africa, and Tank Duel: Pack #1 all might arrive in June. The bad news? Not really that bad as I added Battle of White Plains: Battles of the American Revolution Vol. X and Fast Action Battles #5: Dubno ’41 to my Preorder and Kickstarter Roll.

Oh yes, I also see that Indian Ocean Region from Compass Games has slipped to May (sigh). More worrisome is the near-total radio silence from Academy Games and Reality Shift which is “supposed” to be a May delivery. One thing I know about Academy is that their Kickstarter delivery dates are certainly aspirational, but still….

MayWing Leader: Legends (GMT); The Dark Summer: Normandy 1944 (GMT); Reality Shift (Academy Games)
JunWing Leader: Supremacy 2nd Ed Update Kit (GMT); Panzer Expansion #1 (GMT); Tank Duel Expansion #1 (GMT); Tank Duel Pack #1 (GMT); Indian Ocean Region (Compass Games)
Sep1979: Revolution in Iran (Dietz Foundation)
NovAuZtralia: Revenge of the Old Ones, AuZtralia: TaZmania (Schimil Games)
Jan 22Root: The Marauder Expansion, Root: Clockwork Expansion #2 (Leder Games)
“Projected” Game Deliveries Thru Early 2022

Boardgames – Raking It In

For the first time in a long time the RockyMountainNavy Boys and myself got a boardgame to the table for a weekend Family Game Night. I chose Moonrakers (IV Games, 2020). This deck-building, negotiation game is different from our normal family wargame selection—or is it? Bottom Line – Moonrakers has just enough backstabbiness to make it well liked by the RockyMountainNavy Boys.

Books – Keep No Secrets

With the (near) pending arrival of Wing Leader: Legends coming up I really need to get a “Rocky Reads” column finished for The Secret Horsepower Race: Second World War Fighter Aircraft Engine Development on the Western Front by Calum E. Douglas (HarperTempest, 2020). It’s been an incredible read—bit more technical than I expected but so interesting!

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