#Wargame Memories

Over the weekend I was consolidating a few boxes in storage and ran across several wargame-related items.

I was never really into computer gaming but in the mid-1990’s I guess I tried by purchasing copies of Harpoon II (Three-Sixty, Inc.) and 5th Fleet (Avalon Hill). I sorta remember playing them, but mostly remember thinking that I needed a better computer as my machines were more fit for home office/word processing than gaming (alas, a problem I still deal with today; Tabletop Simulator I’m looking at you).

Going a bit further back in the wayback machine, I found an old GHQ Miniatures mailing…from Christmas 1982! At that time I was big into Star Fleet Battles and had lots of those miniatures, and I was probably thinking about getting into World War II minis thanks to my Yaquinto Publishing games Panzer/88/Armor. A year later I would be playing Harpoon II (Adventure Games, 1983) and go the modern ship minis route instead.

3 thoughts on “#Wargame Memories

  1. Great post- I loved old ephemera like this.



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