#BlackFriday2020 #Boardgame Acquisitions – Shout out to my #FLGS @HuzzahHobbies for a great sale!

This Black Friday I ended up dropping in on my FLGS, Huzzah Hobbies and was very pleasantly surprised to find a sale. They put out several 50% and 75% off tables so I browsed through them and made a few purchases.

Box was slightly damages but the game is fine….

NMBR 9 (Z-Man Games, 2017) – I already made a post about how this game has quickly became a RMN Family favorite. Personally, this game has become dear to my heart because my own dear wife took a huge liking to this game and is actually willing to play with the boys and myself. FAMILY WIN!

Can’t tell how heavy the box is in the picture….

Robin Hood (Worthington Publishing, 2019) – I passed on the Kickstarter for this game because it is for only two players. However, I love Worthington block games so when the opportunity presented itself….

Mayday…Mayday…This is the Free Trader Beowolf…..

Traveller Customizable Card Game: Two Player Starter Set (Horizon Games, 2017) – I have been a Traveller RPG player since 1979. Another Kickstarter I passed on mostly because I am not really into card games like this. Now I have a chance to play in my Traveller RPG universe in a different way.

Gotcha Island (KidRealm) is a card small card game manufactured by a local Virginia school teacher. He is better known around here for his battling card game Castle Combat. Picked this up for Mrs. RMN’s youngest students as it is an easy ‘count the pips on the dice’ and simple strategy game (grab the cutest and highest scoring card).

On Sunday I made another visit to Huzzah Hobbies with Mrs. RMN and browsed the tables one more time. The selection was certainly picked over at that point but we still managed to find a few items. When we got home Amazon delivered several other games for Mrs. RMN and her students.

Sunday haul….

Layers (Happy Baobab, 2018) – Mrs. RMN loves this style of logic games for her students but tends to stay away from them for family play. However, in my teach game (so she in turn can play with her students) she actually beat me a few times – meaning she now really likes this game!

Logic Cards Kids is a set of 52 cards with logic puzzles suitable for early elementary school and up.

Doggy Go! (Renegade Games, 2016) – Bought for Mrs. RMN and her students on theme alone. Was a bit disappointed to find out there was a misprint in this edition (not enough Equipment cards) but a simple scan of the existing cards and printing on glossy photo paper solved the shortage.

Go Go Gelato! (Blue Orange Games, 2017) – A dexterity-logic game. Arrange the cones in the right order but don’t touch the ice cream! Good ‘active’ fun with a bit of brain tease built in.

Pengoloo (Blue Orange Games, 2007) – The older and very hard to find Chicken Cha Cha Cha (Zoch zum Spielen, 1997) is the favorite memory game amongst Mrs. RMN’s students. We went looking for a good, affordable, purchasable alternative. Pengoloo is the best we have found to date.

Overall the weekend haul was very good. Mrs. RMN in particular made out like a bandit; there are no bad games in there for her and her students. I’m still working my way through my part of the haul as I’m trying to get Traveller and Robin Hood at least cracked open for a rules exploration this week.

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