The Legend Begins – The #Wargame Saga of Lieutentant T in Undaunted: North Africa (@OspreyGames, 2020)

DATE/ 1940.09.18
FROM/ Long Range Patrol (LRP) Detachment 2020 
TO/ HQ Western Desert Group 
BODY/ Last evening, LRP Detachment 2020 with Lieutenant T commanding proceeded to Jalo-Kufra Road IVO Italian Landing Zone 7 with mission to destroy enemy infrastructure. Team proceeded directly to aircraft and destroyed it in place using demolitions [+1 Objective Point LRP]. Team attempted to proceed to hanger but strong Italian forces were firmly in control of building [+1 Objective Point Italian]. Team then proceeded to Italian motor pool but faced withering suppressive fire by Italian machine gun team. Sapper Mit was critically wounded [2x hits] but able to rig final demolition charge and destroy motor pool [+2 Objective Points LRP - VICTORY] as Italian riflemen arrived. Respectfully recommend Sapper Mit be awarded for gallantry and mentioned in dispatches for heroic action under fire.

This was the first play of Undaunted: North Africa (Osprey Games, 2020) by RockyMountainNavy T. He caught on to the game quickly (too quickly, sigh). At the end of the game, as we both fought for the motor pool, he had the better initiative card to play at the right time along with the one of his two remaining Engineer cards (two wounds inflicted – meaning two cards removed from game). That, and a bit of some luck rolling the dice, earned him the win. First game, including teach, took only 45 minutes.

We both enjoyed playing Undaunted: North Africa and it will probably become our Monday Night Wargame for a few weeks/months. With school (sorta) restarting RockyMountainNavy Jr is busy Monday nights so RockyMountainNavy T and I look for good, shorter, two-player games to play after dinner. Undaunted: North Africa joins Commands & Colors Tricorne: The American Revolution (Compass Games, 2018), Hold the Line: The American Civil War (Worthington Games, 2019), and Philadelphia 1777 (Worthington Games, 2020) on the short-list of must-play Monday Night Wargames.

Feature image “Two men of an LRDG (Long Range Desert Group) patrol on a road watch in North Africa, 25 May 1942” (Wikicommons)

4 thoughts on “The Legend Begins – The #Wargame Saga of Lieutentant T in Undaunted: North Africa (@OspreyGames, 2020)

  1. I am tempted to get that game 🙂

    1. Give in to temptation 😈. It’s really a fun little game. The later scenarios with vehicles are just as exciting.

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