July 4th #Wargame Wrap – Less play but great family gaming with 1775: Rebellion (@AcademyGames, 2013)

YOU WOULD THINK THAT WITH ALL THE EXTRA STAY-AT-HOME CORONATIME THAT GAMING THIS JULY 4 WEEKEND WOULD BE EASY. Well, where I live the Coronatine is reducing and that actually means we are getting out more to do many of those things we were forced to put off the last few months. So this July 4th weekend the gaming was a bit sparse.

Courtesy Academy Games

One game we did get to play was 1775: Rebellion (Academy Games, 2013). We usually play 1775: Rebellion in a three-player configuration. It always seems that the RockyMountainNavy Boys team up against me. This play was different with RockyMountainNavy Jr. taking the British (Regulars & Loyalists) versus RockyMountainNavy T as the Continentals and myself as the Patriots. The game ended with the Americans playing the second Treaty of Paris card on Turn 7 and winning 7-4. Going into the last play, the Americans actually led 9-4 but the last-play British Regulars played a bit of a spoiler and cost the Americans control of two colonies.

[Hey, Academy Games! When are you going to get around to selling the little minis for your Birth of America Series? I’m waiting!]

As I write this now, the Boys are having a 1v1 play of 1775: Rebellion. That’s because it’s a great game. The cards and dice capture the essence of the various factions in a easy to learn and easier to play game system. This title, like the rest of the Birth of America series from Academy Games, is destined to remain in my collection forever. (Update: Americans win 4-3 with Treaty of Paris ending game after Turn 3.)

I usually like to play a major Independence Day game for the holiday. In the past it has been Liberty or Death: The American Insurrection (GMT Games, 2016) or Battle Hymn Vol. 1: Gettysburg and Pea Ridge (Compass Games, 2018). I won’t have time to get either of those games to the table today. Instead, I might try to get Gettysburg (C3i Magazine Nr. 32, 2018) to the table for a quick solo play. Maybe I can get one of the RMN Boys to play? I really would like to teach them both Washington’s War (GMT Games, 2010) but that one is not a good fit for three-players. Hmm…maybe a play (or two) of Commands & Colors Tricorne: The American Revolution (Compass Games, 2017) instead?

Feature image “Washington at Monmouth” courtesy mountvernon.org

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