#Boardgame accessorizing Scythe (@stonemaiergames, 2016) with foldedspace.net inserts


I mean, I have many good hobby boardgames, and amongst the favorites at the RockyMountainNavy hacienda is Scythe (Stonemaier Games, 2016). We started playing it in 2017 and since then have acquired nearly all the expansions including Invaders from Afar (2017), The Wind Gambit (2018), Rise of Fenris (2018), and the Modular Board (2019). That’s alot of bits, and as organized as we tried to be it was hard getting all that into the box(es).

Before – Base Scythe plus Invaders from Afar. Mechs & Characters are in original plastic containers below

This week I took a trip to our FLGS, Huzzah Hobbies in Loudon, VA. The main purpose of the trip was for RockyMountainNavy T to buy new paints for his models. RMN Jr. also wanted to look over the model shelves to see if there was something like a Zvezda 1/100-scale tank he could add to his collection. For myself, I was the driver.

That is, until I found the Folded Space Scythe Board Game Organizer.


I have been eyeing an insert for my Scythe collection but, oh boy, is can get really expensive really fast. I realize this insert only organizes the base game and the Invaders from Afar expansion but it looks good and the price seemed reasonable. So I got it.

I am so glad I did.

Assembly took about 30 minutes after dinner using nothing more than white school glue. All the pieces punched out cleanly. By now the RMN Boys were interested so they helped me reorganize the box.


Lower Level
Upper Level
With mapboard & Rule Book

The Folded Space inserts are logical and fit snuggly in the box. It will make set up and clean up so much easier! They also make for a more organized gaming table during play as the boxes can be used directly on the table too.

I see that Folded Space has a second Scythe organizer that puts The Wind Gambit and Rise of Fenris together in the Fenris box. That’s going on my Must Have wishlist!

For the longest time (ok, since forever), I was satisfied with baggies for organizing games. This usually works for wargames where most of the bits are chits but with the rise of hobby boardgames and more luxury components the baggies are not always suitable. I am glad to see excellent, affordable insert organizers available. Maybe it’s about time I organize my games this way.


5 thoughts on “#Boardgame accessorizing Scythe (@stonemaiergames, 2016) with foldedspace.net inserts

  1. Robert Searing does a great job with foamcore inserts: https://www.inserthere.me/

    They come pre-made already and they are such a joy. I have four of them now. Easily worth the money if you’re having trouble organizing games.

    I was going to buy the Architects of the West Kingdom one until I saw an expansion was coming, which of course the current insert won’t hold.

    1. Thanks for the tip! Looking to maybe do Terraforming Mars next.

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