#InternationalTabletopDay 2019

JUNE 1, 2019 WAS INTERNATIONAL TABLETOP DAY, a day dedicated to tabletop gaming. For the RockyMountainNavy family we didn’t get to do much, but what we did was very enjoyable.

Attack! (Eagle-Griffon Games, 2003) – In one of the best developments this year, a group of neighborhood kids (middle thru high school) has started boardgaming. Today, the Boys took Attack! to play. It’s great to see the RMN Boys and friends getting into boardgaming. Another of our neighbors recently picked up Pandemic (Z-Man Games, 2008) and want to play. We likely will have to host a Game Night sometime this summer.

Operations Shoestring: The Guadalcanal Campaign 1942 (GMT Games, 1990) – While the RMN Boys played Attack! I worked off one of my CSR Challenge games for 2019. More details later.

The feature game of the weekend was another Traveller RPG session using the Cepheus Light rules. The adventurers had to smuggle high-end luxury goods (“Brada handbags”) into a rich, over-populated, religious dictatorship world. Lots of fun was had!

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