The Next Shock in the #Aftershock #Boardgame Saga

Update 08 Feb: Rex & @StrongholdGames have reached an agreement.

If you read my previous blog posts (here and here) about the Aftershock Kickstarter campaign and AFTERSHOCK: A Humanitarian Crisis Game (PAXSIMS) you might think I am gloating right now.

I am not.

I want to see success in the hobby gaming industry. To see a Kickstarter from a well-established publisher involving a game from a well-recognized designer not make it should make every gamer pause.

I think there is going to be lots of talk about this one. Lots of speculation. Lots of rumor. Lots of innuendo. Maybe even a few accusations.

Just because a Kickstarter fails it is not the end of the world – or the game. Look at Daniel Bullock and his intriguing No Motherland Without: North Korea 1953 to Present. The Kickstarter failed. He subsequently signed with Compass Games.

That said, as the publisher reassesses his campaign I hope he also considers the naming issues raised in the past few days. There is an opportunity to communicate here. That is, if everyone involved doesn’t block it.

3 thoughts on “The Next Shock in the #Aftershock #Boardgame Saga

  1. I had a quick look through the comments earlier today on the KS page and while some people mentioned the name issue, far more cancelled their pledges because of displeasure over the pricing of the deluxe edition upgrade or whatnot. I’m pretty sure they will be back, or might take it right to retail, but either way I would bet on it still being named Aftershock.

    1. Yeah…the whole KS campaign was weird from the start. Right out the gate backers had pricing and international shipping concerns. They funded on Day 2 but were at only 121% with 12 days to go. Projection was maybe in the $30k range. I think they expected all the upgrades to be stretch goals as the pledges went through the roof…but it didn’t happen. In the end I think you’re going to be right; it’s coming back (maybe straight to retail) but they ain’t going to be concerned with the name when they got $$$ to worry about!

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