Holiday Cheer with #LetterstoSanta (Alderac Entertainment Group – AEG, 2015)

Although Saturday nights are usually the RockMountainNavy Game Night, this weekend I dialed it back a bit as I am starting an extended holiday vacation. In anticipation of getting gaming in with the RMN Boys over the next week, we decided to take it easy on the regular game night. Since the Boys wanted to watch a new series on Netflix, we went with a (very) short game.

Courtesy AEG

Letters to Santa is the holiday version of Love Letter.  This is a simple 16-card micro game. Thematically, the players are trying to be the last player left and for winning they get to deliver their letter to Santa. The first player to deliver enough letters wins.

We decided the first player to four letters delivered would be the winner. I got trounced 4-2-1. I forgot that both Boys regularly play Love Letter against each other. I forgot that the Youngest RMN Boy likes taking this game to school during the holiday season to play at lunch with friends. I forgot to watch the board state (played cards) closer than I did.

Even after forgetting so much, I was reminded about what makes Letters to Santa a great game. As we played we were all smiles. As we played their was great friendly banter across the table. As we played we felt the holiday cheer.

Although it was a short game, Letters to Santa delivered one of the greatest presents a game brings – happy family time.

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