#RPGaDay 2017 – Where do you go for #RPG reviews?

#RPGaDay August 10, 2017

These days I usually find my RPG reviews on my Twitter feed. This is because I follow on Twitter many folks or sites that offer RPG reviews. There are a few forums I follow but often I am pointed there by my Twitter feed. I have also been expanding my use of podcasts and YouTube subscriptions to find more reviews.

I also use DriveThruRPG but am hesitant to fully trust the reviews there. Too many of them seem to not be “reviews” but rather “product descriptions.” I myself have been guilty of this – describing a product instead of honestly assessing it.

Courtesy GameOnDaily


Recently, I was reading old back-issues of The Space Gamer online and found their requirement for a capsule review. I liked it so much I saved it and have started using it to frame many of my reviews. I don’t want to slavishly follow it – but it serves as a reminder that a review should not only describe “what” the product is, but also the “good” and the “bad.”



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