#TravellerRPG – Being Social in the Clement Sector

The Clement Sector for the Traveller RPG from Gypsy Knights Games (GKG) is my go-to setting these days. I appreciate how, through just a few simple changes (like the Z-Drive I discuss here) , GKG is able to make a very familiar-like setting so-much-more interesting.

GKG has not only mixed up technology in the Clement Sector, but also has altered one simple characteristic – SOCIAL. In the Clement Sector, SOC “reflects the amount of wealth and prestige enjoyed by the character [and] not a noble rank in a large empire” (The Clement Sector Core Setting, p. 49). Unlike other characteristics that require much work or study to raise, SOC can be raised simply by spending more money! Indeed, to keep your SOC status, one must spend a minimum amount per month (see Career Companion, p. 17). If you don’t spend enough, your SOC falls, and raising it back up takes more time.

GKG also uses SOC to create more interesting worlds. For example, in the Introduction to the Clement Sector (free from DriveThruRPG) the world of Osiris is a tiered society and the SOC characteristic reflects which tier group the character is from. Each tier has its own privileges and responsibilities – like higher tiers pay more taxes but are far more likely to get a pass on small crimes from the police. Now here’s the catch; any character visiting Osiris is a “non-citizen” – the lowest tier – and will be treated as such. The PCs SOC score is automatically 2 (with a -2 DM) which will affect EVERY social interaction the PC has while on planet. A simple change in how one uses SOC, but it opens up so many more interesting role-playing and story opportunities!

I am sure that GKG and the Clement Sector is not the first Traveller RPG setting to use “SOC as wealth” and replace noble ranks, but it is great to see the new characteristic treatment integrated so cleanly into the setting and be useful for influencing social interactions and adventuring. SOC as wealth in Clement Sector is yet another reason I enjoy this setting so much.

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