Clement Sector Traveller RPG Character – Jamie Bond

Jamie Bond, Religious Explorer

STR-6 DEX-7 END-8 INT-9 EDU-14 SOC-6; Real Age – 30 (Apparent Age – 20)

Skills: Athletics (Youth Sports) -0; Astrogation -0; Science (History) -1; Sensors -1; Social Science (Philosophy) -1; Social Science (Planetology) -3; Space Science (Xenology) -1; Survival (Wilderness) -0; Medic -0; Pilot (Flyer) -1; Vacc Suit -2; Zero-G -0 ;

Social Status: Must spend at least 1,500 Hub Credits (HC) per month to maintain Social level (see Career Companion, p. 17).

Bank Balance: 30,000 HC


Born Thorpe (Sequoyah 0708); Languages: English; French

In his early youth years was active in local sports, but in later youth years became heavily involved in the CHURCH OF ENGLAND. During his early teen years, his parents were able to land a good job with the church that lifted them into the lower-middle class. However, in Jamie’s later teen years he was struck by a muscular-disorder and suffered a great loss of his athletic abilities (original STR 9).

In college, Jamie excelled in Planetology Studies and graduated with Honors. As successful as he was, he failed to get into Graduate School.

Jamie joined the Explorer Corps and participated in off-planet expeditions into the DADE SECTOR. In his first term he was promoted to ENSIGN (Rank 1). His Commanding Officer favored him and put in more than a few good words to try and get Jamie promoted (Gain Ally). However, in his second term, Jamie suffered an accident during a spacewalk and was cast loose from his ship. Though he was eventually rescued, Jamie had to leave the Explorer Corps as he had developed a great fear of space.

Jamie returned to Thorpe and is once again became active in the Church. Recently, Jamie was approached by a group of concerned clergy that are worried at the rise of Caxtonism. They asked Jamie to join an expedition to CXE-807 to discover why the “starter orbital colony” placed there failed in 2340. There are many who believe that the disappearance of the colony at CXE-807 is connected with Sarawak’s (Dade 0707) desire for separation (see The Clement Sector, p. 25). However, the Church believes that Kingston (Hub 0106) has some responsibility for the colony’s failure, and by extension Caxtonism (see The Clement Sector, p. 127 for discussion of Caxtonism).

Putting aside his fear of space for the good of the Church, Jamie has joined the expedition to CXE-807.

Possible Plot Hooks:

Is Kingston and Caxtonism really responsible for the disappearance of the colony?

Why is Bridges Unlimited, manufacturer of the colony at CXE-807, suddenly interested in the expedition?

Character was created using Gypsy Knights Games Career Companion for their Clement Sector setting. 

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