Traveller Thursday – T5.09

Imagine my surprise this week when I got an email from Far Future Enterprises for my free downloadable copy of Traveller 5 (T5) version 5.09. Of course I immediately downloaded it!

Still working my way through it. At 759 pages its not light reading. These are my very early impressions:

  • Much better organized
  • An index!
  • Combat rules cleaned up
  • Lots of other errata incorporated

Most important is the organization. The original version was very hard to follow with tables being thrown in at seemingly random spots.

Will be working on trying out the chargen and combat systems, then onto the various Makers to see how they work out.

T5 remains more of a gamemaster/referee toolkit than a game playable as written. That said, I have already seen enough goodness that parts can be ported over or applied to either of my versions of the Outer Veil or Clement Sector settings.

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