Wargame Wednesday – Clement Sector Trillion Credit Squadron

Mongoose Traveller (MgT) Adventure 3: Trillion Credit Squadron is the naval campaign system for the MgT RPG. It provides rules for building entire navies.

Plugged in some Clement Sector, Hub Federation Universal World Profile (UWP) stats to see what one gets. For determining budget you take the planetary population times a “flat tax” and modify it by a “tax rate” that varies depending on times of Peace, Tension, or War. Population and Tech Level also determine naval shipyard capacity.

My initial analysis looks like the “flat tax” rate is too high. Hub would have a budget of over 4,000,000 MCr. and could build the equivalent of over 4,000 frigate-equivalents PER YEAR.

It becomes immediately apparent that these numbers are not in keeping with the “small-ship” setting of The Clement Sector. The Zimm drives limits starships to no larger than 5,000 tons. The setting documents also imply that the largest spacecraft being built in The Clement Sector is 20,000 tons.

Perhaps cut the “tax rate” by a factor of 100?

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