Clement Sector ATU

DrivethruRPG is having a SciFi sale this month. Picked up several of Gypsy Knight Games Clement Sector Alternate Traveller Universe (ATU) setting books. The Clement Sector sourcebook details the basic of the setting. The Hub Federation sourcebook, along with Hub Federation Navy and Hub Federation Ground Forces provide the background of the one political polity in the sector. I also picked up the Anderson & Felix Guide to Naval Architecture which is a rules compilation book that collates the ship construction rules in a streamlined fashion and includes the ATU rules tweaks for this setting.

Overall I like the setting; the Zimm Drive limits movement to Jump-2 and forces a small-ship setting. I like that Gypsy Knights has left a lot of the sector unsettled and open for adventure. The background in the books does get a bit repetitive but I have to remember that each does have to stand on its own too.  In some ways I like Ground Forces best because it has a bit of flavor text that help the reader get the feel of the setting. I do wish the authors could settle on a writing voice; sometimes it sounds like the author is “in setting” followed by a line that states the reader should consult another rulebook.

Definite buy…when on sale.

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