Edge of the Empire – Deliver the Mail

Cooker, the Human Bounty Hunter Gadgeteer and Gunner, the Rodian Bounty Hunter Assassin who both work for Jabba the Hutt got a simple assignment. Take a datachip from Mos Eisley to Mos Shuuta and deliver it to Ying. Such a simple, low-level job they don’t even get a vehicle but have to take a sandskimmer bus.

After an hour with little air conditioning and no water (+1 Strain) Cooker noticed a sand plume approaching. The bus tried to flee but was easily overtaken. As it got closer it looked like Sand People and they did not appear friendly! Gunner tried taking them out but failed. Cooker on the other hand shot out the engine and the bus was able to flee.

The first encounter was supposed to end up in a close-quarters battle but Little I rolled a Triumph and ended the battle early.

Arriving in Mos Shuuta both our heros went to the Cantina. After a few awkward initial encounters they find Ying and exchange datachips (they deliver their datachip and get one in return). As Ying leaves he is followed by a drunk Sandperson.

These casual encounters forced Little I and T to study their characters a bit more, learn how to assemble a dice pool, and role-play a bit instead of just saying what they want to do.

Following Ying, they turn the corner just in time to see Ying get jumped on the bridge to Shantytown by a group of eight toughs. Though they try to aid Ying, he gets rolled and two toughs make off with the datachip.

Both characters make good use of Talents such as Quick Draw and Intimidation. Cooker scores a Triumph with his Brass Knuckles when the fight gets up close and personal. Though the toughs get away with the datachip, the heroes learn Ying was jumped by the Maura Swoop Gang.

Gunner tries to Track the get away but loses the trail. The heroes then look at the datachip they have. On it is 500 credits and an encrypted message. Gunner takes his time and slices the simple message which is from Teemo to Jabba; in two days time the Maura Gang will try to “kill him.” Gunner successfully unslices the message and cover his tracks. The heroes return to Jabba’s palace and deliver the datachip. They are awarded the 500 credits.

In the post-session we used a 5W approach to frame what they know:
– Who: The Maura Swoop Gang
– What: Is going to try to “kill” Jabba
– When: In two days
– Where: From the south? (based on trend analysis of gang activity; search of interlinks with several advantage)
– Why: ???

Each PC gets 5 XP. Both decide to save it up for future use. Both Little I and T are looking forward to the next session. Both need to participate a bit more in creating the narrative and roleplay their characters more (perform, not explain I tell them).

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