RPG Thursday – A Superheroes Death

Looks like Margaret Weiss Press (MWP) is giving up the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying license.

Part that bothers me is they seemingly tried to hide it at the end of their big long cheer about how great the future is. Timing is horrible too; announced on April 24 with an end date of April 30. Only reason I saw this was the announcement on DriveThruRPG.

I sorta liked MHR and was looking forward to playing it this summer with my kids. I only have the basic book and was not going to decide whether to buy others until I had a few sessions under my belt. Guess that ain’t gonna happen now!

I was really looking forward to MWP’s new Firefly/Serenity license but this sudden move makes me think twice. I have never really understood the whole “Cam Banks doesn’t work for us but he does” thing either.

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