Full Thrust Imperium – Battle of Procyon




Following Battle of Procyon, all task force commanders directed to exercise simulated tactical situation in order to discern lessons learned for use in future fleet engagements.

HISTORICAL OOB: Terran Confederation Fleet (TCF) one light cruiser (CL), destroyer (DD), and two scouts (SC) vs Vilani Imperial Fleet (VIF) Task Force of two CL, four DD, and two SC. Meeting engagement.


TCF Task Force deployed with CL and DD line astern; 3xSC offset to starboard; speed 4.

VIF Task Force deployed with 2xCL center, 2x SC line astern aft of CLs, 2xDD deployed left/right flanks of CLs; speed 4.

TCF and VIF advance to range of 24+. TCF CL uses Class-2 beams to hit VIF DD3. Minor damage to armor. As forces continue to close VIF CL uses SALVO MSLS to strike CL/DD group. Due to maneuvering TCF DD takes full force of two salvos. Point Defense used but unable to defeat all missiles. TCF DD DESTROYED.

Fleets continue to close. TCF CL focuses fire on VIF CL2 which is severely damaged. Due to acceleration to higher speeds VIF DDs are unable to maximum firepower to bear; launch SUBMUNITION PACKS from less-than-optimal ranges resulting in minor damage to TCF CL. TCF CL and VIF CL2 engage in close range battle with VIF CL2 DESTROYED. VIF CL1 engages TCF CL and scores major damage. TCF CL DESTROYED. TCF SCs attempt to escape but VIF SCs pursue (VIF DDs out of position to pursue). In last exchange of fire, all four SCs mutually destroy each other (2x VIF, 2x TCF SCs DESTROYED).

LOSSES: TCF CL, DD, 2xSC (equals historical); VIF CL, 2x SC (same historical number of ships but different classes).

Courtesy BGG

Comment: Battle was fought using Full Thrust Fleet Book 1 rules. Somewhere along the line I picked up a set of images for the ships in Imperium (sorry, don’t know where I got them!). The TCF CL has 3x Class-2 Beams, 2x Class-1 Beams, and a single Submunition Pack. The TCF DD has a Class-2 beam, 2x Class-1 beam, and a single submunition pack. The VIF CLs have a two-salvo, Salvo Missile Launcher and 2x Class-1 beams. The VIF DD have 2x Class-1 beams, 2x submunition packs, and the only armor of any ship. The TCF scouts have 2x Class-1 beams versus the VIF scouts with a Class-1 beam and submunition pack. In Full Thrust terms, the Vilani Fleet totaled 188 TMF and 650 NPV against a Terran Fleet of 88 TMF and 308 NPV.

The range closed too quickly for the Vilani to get both salvos off from the CLs. This hurt the Vilani since their CLs are not optimized for close-in fighting. The TCF CL was able to dish out more damage thanks to Class-2 beams and its lone submunition pack. Unfortunately, it could not deal damage out fast enough against two opponents and was destroyed, but only after taking one VIF CL out first. The four VIF DD with their submunition packs succeeded where the VIF CL up close could not. The TCF scouts made a slashing attack that added  damage to the second VIF CL but little else.



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