Wargame Wednesday – Tomorrow’s War SOP

Elite Soldier by wiredgear

I am still trying to get Tomorrow’s War up to a condition I really call playable. I have been over the Rule Book more than a few times and think I may have something close to a workable Sequence of Play.

Basic infantry combat in Tomorrow’s War plays well but when one tries to add in all the extra modules (vehicles, artillery, etc.) it quickly becomes confusing. It certainly appears the developer did not put all the pieces together to see the seams in integration. For instance, in Infantry Combat you modify Firepower, whereas in Mechanized Combat modifiers are to Defense. Generally the modifiers are for the same reason (Tech Level, movement, etc.) but in Infantry Combat you add/subtract from Firepower unlike in Mechanized Combat where you add/subtract from defense. The net result is the same but confusing because there is a lack of internal consistency to the rules.

Like I have said before, the whole game sorta feels thrown together. A complete Sequence of Play is lacking. Below is what I think is a good stab at a complete SOP:

1. Campaign – Spend Operational Momentum Points (p. 177 Spending Operational Momentum Points)

2. Initiative (p. 38-40 Initiative)

3. Apply Loss of Grid penalties (p. 159 Loss of Grid)

House Rule: Units in a TL2 or TL3 force that suffer Loss of Grid are considered Pinned for purposes of FIRE COMBAT at this point; MOVEMENT restrictions for units Pinned this way take effect during the Action/Reaction segment.

4. First Aid; Call for Medic; CASEVAC – Walking Wounded (p. 64-68 Casualty and Casualty Evacuation)

5. Stress Test (p. 88 Stress Test)/Regain Confidence (p. 88 Regaining Confidence)

6. Morale: Pull Back Units noted as Regrouping (p. 86 Pull Back)

7. VTOL Morale Check (p. 134 VTOL Damage Effects – VTOL Damage Chart – Withdraw)

8. Arrival of Reinforcements (p. 37 Start New Turn – Arrival of Reinforcements, Hot Spots); Insurgency Level Test (p. 168 Insurgency Level and Reinforcements)

9. Resolve Airstrikes (p. 126 Calling in an Airstrike)

10. Dropship Landing (p. 130 Dropships)

11. Hot Drops/Parasail Assaults (p. 134 Hot Drops & Parasail Assaults)

12. VTOL Landing/Take-off (p. 131-132 VTOL Troop Insertions)

13. Fast Rope or Grav Belt Insertions (p. 132 Fast Rope or Grav Belt Insertions)

14. Declare (and test for) unbuttoned AFVs (p. 103 Tank Commanders – Buttoned Up & Unbuttoned)

15. Declare Hidden Units (p. 80-81 Special Fire Combat Rules – Hidden & Stealthy Units)

16. Merge Units (p. 53-54 Merging Units)

17. Declare Controlled Dumb Bot; Recall Bots (p. 144 Independent Dumb Bots; p. 146 Recalling a Separated Bot)

18. Drone/UAV Detection Check (p. 80 Aerial Drones and Hidden Units); Distributed Drones Grid Quality Check vs Hidden Units (p. 148 Distributed Drones)

19. Disperse/Manipulate/Transform Mobs (p. 160 Regular and Civilian Mobs, p. 161 “Popular” Leaders and Civilian Mobs)

20. Declare Overwatch Units (p. 70 Special Fire Combat Rules – Overwatch)

21. Initiative Force activates unit (p. 41 Actions)

• House Rule: If a TL2 or TL3 force with Initiative suffers from Loss of Grid, the active unit must act as if Pinned (p. 159 Loss of Grid, p. 86 Pinned)

22. Resolve Reactions (p. 41+ Actions and Reactions); Round of Fire (p. 41-44 Reactions)

• Resolve Reaction Tests starting with non-Initiative unit nearest to activated unit and work outward

• Resolve Reactions starting with non-Initiative units that lost; nearest to farthest from Active unit

• Resolve Reactions where non-Initiative units won Reaction Test nearest to farthest from Active unit

23. Repeat 21 and 22 until all Initiative Units have been activated (p. 35 SOP)

24. End Phase

• After all Initiative units have activated, any Non-Initiative units that has not made a Reaction during turn may move and/or fire.

• Regular Initiative units who are fired at may react as part of a Round of Fire, as may units on Overwatch (p. 35 SOP)

25. Move civilian mobs (p. 160 Civilians on the Battlefield)

26. Morale: Pinned units become “un-pinned” (p. 86 Pinned)

27. Grid Quality Check/Jamming Grid Quality Check (p. 155 Grid Quality Check, p. 158 Jamming the Grid)

• No ECM Unit present = “regular” Grid Quality Check

• ECM Unit present = “Jamming the Local Grid” check

28. Remove Smoke (p. 74 Smoke)

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