Wargame Wednesday – Persian Incursion (Out of the Box)

Courtesy Clash of Arms

Just a few days before Christmas I got a game that I had bought for myself – Persian Incursion.  The game is touted as an Admiralty Trilogy Game though the rules are stand-alone.  You don’t need another game, like Harpoon 4, to play though if you have experience with that system you will certainly catch on to the combat game quicker.

I am still working my way through the game which is actually two games in one; a political game and a combat game.  Like the real world it works better if you plan out strike packages ahead of time and then have the plans “on-the-shelf” and ready to go.  That is the part I am working on right now.

For background on the situation and Isreali and Iranian forces see this briefing presented at Historicon 2010.

One aspect of the confrontation between Israel and Iran that is not covered in this game is Stuxnet.  For a very insightful analysis of what Stuxnet may have been and what it likely did to the Iranian nuclear program see this Institute for Science and International Security analysis.  Goes to show you that no matter how hard wargame designers try, reality has a nasty habit of ruining the best of planning and analysis.

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