Counterfire = Countermiss

Looks like the ROK artillery on Yeonpyong-do was not as efficient as the South Korean government wishes.  Commercial imagery is letting the public see the battlefield in detail.

nK Artillery Positions 26 Nov (Digital Globe)

The U-shaped revetments are where the norK multiple rocket launchers (MRL) likely fired from; one can see the blast marks behind them.  You can also see where the ROK K-9 artillery hit…the circular impacts above the MRL positions in this picture.

Battle Damage Assessment, or BDA, is a hot topic in Korea right now.  The ROKs have boasted that they have great weapons but have been criticized for not having a strategy to use those weapons properly.  When asked just how well the ROK Marine artillery worked, this is what the ROK National Assembly was told at first:

“The points of our military’s artillery impact lie in a straight line between two North Korean military barracks, about 100 m apart, and close to another structure. Some impact points are within 50 m from barracks. We can assume that the North Korean military suffered considerable damage.”

This was later changed to,

“Democratic Party members of the committee Choi Jae-sung and Park Young-sun told reporters a different story, saying no shells hit barracks, and only three points of impact lie within a 50 m radius of barracks while the rest landed in paddy and dry fields.”

Finally the ROK Joint Chiefs of Staff weighed in saying,

“After analyzing military satellite images, which have much higher resolution than commercial photos, we confirmed that many of the shells landed in and around MRL positions. Claims based on commercial satellite images that shells landed only in fields or fell into the sea are far from reliable.”

Look at the picture above and judge for yourself.

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