‘Ace’ Woodley – RNAS Pilot (Savage Worlds/Aeronef)

The background of Aeronef and the pulp-feel of the Savage Worlds RPG system just seem to go too well together.  Presented here is my first “Savage Aeronef” concept character:

Flight Lieutenant James ‘Ace’ Woodley, Royal Navy Aeronef Service (RNAS), Gunnery Officer, HMS Achilles (Achilles-class Aeronef Gunboat) [Seasoned Character=25XP]


  • Agility – d10/Smarts – d6/Strength – d6/Spirit – d6/Vigor – d6


  • Driving – d8/Fighting – d8/Persuasion – d6/Piloting – d10/Repair – d6/Shooting – d10/Weird Science – d6


  • Heroic (Major)/Doubting Thomas (Minor)/Enemy (Minor)


  • Ace/Arcane Science/Command


  • Leather Flight Jacket
  • Radium Gun
  • Rapier

‘Ace’ Woodley started out flying aerofighters for the Royal Navy Air Corps.  He proved himself a capable pilot over the course of several campaigns and battles.  His burning desire is to get to Mars where his explorer Uncle died at the hands of natives under mysterious circumstances.  The only connection Ace still has to his uncle is his uncle’s Radium Gun which Ace was able to keep after his Uncle’s possessions were returned to Earth.  However, the RNAS is not keen on this aeroplane pilot intruding upon their service and has assigned Flight Lieutenant  Woodley to HMS Achilles, a small gunboat to “gain experience” while the Aeronef Service evaluates the junior officer.  It is an open secret that Achilles’ First Lieutenant, one Oliver Card, intensely dislikes the upstart ‘Ace’ who is very popular with the deck hands  [Lt Card is treated as Hostile in all interactions with Ace].

It is now 1902 and BBC Radio is playing a funeral dirge for the death of Queen Victoria….

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