Savage Worlds of Aeronef

I really believe that wargaming and RPGs go hand-in-hand.  Maybe this is because my earliest RPG was Traveller which had many wargames that went along with it (see Mayday or Imperium for example).

So the other day I was looking for my next wargame to play and pulled out Aeronef by Wessex Games.  Aeronef is a Victorian Science Fiction game loosely based on writings of authors like H.G. Wells or Jules Verne.  The Aeronef Captain’s Handbook expands the Aeronef universe by adding Martian battles.  This in turn got me thinking about Savage Worlds: Mars which is a Planets & Sword RPG using the Savage Worlds engine.

Still thinking, I drew up a Savage Worlds: Explorers Edition character to populate my Aeronef world.  I see battles forthcoming featuring this character.

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