Wargame Wednesday – Worldkiller Progress Report

My game of Worldkiller (Ares/SPI, 1980) is proceeding slowly.  I was diverted as I wrote a review of the game for BGG.

The first few turns have been slow as both sides seem to be feeling out the opponent and the game system.  Most alien intruder ships (Worldkillers) have a good jump range (3) and good combat reach (3) but lack firepower (3) though they have good defense (6).  The most numerous Human ship, the V-Duster Patrol Frigate, has low firepower (2) with a very short reach (range 1) but a fair defense and speed (2 each).  So far, the intruder Worldkiller Assault Ships have been dancing around the planet dodging the human Outrider Orbital Fortresses but still sniping away at the planetary defenses.  The humans noticed that the two Dominator Assault Ships were preparing for a Stretch (a longer jump that requires no movement as you prepare) and sent two K-Wagon Light Cruisers and three V-Dusters to strike.  The attack was the first time the humans used the Pop maneuver which allows move and shoot at the cost of some self-inflicted damage. It generally worked; one Dominator was destroyed and the other crippled.

The very short reach of the human V-Duster and the Spacetrain Cruisers (again with a reach of 1) makes them hard to employ in a mobile battle; an intruder can simply “fly around” the ship.  It certainly looks like the best human defense is a static one around the planet taking advantage of orbital fortresses and other planetary defenses (there are certain “forbidden” squares for the intruder due to “powerful, short-ranged planet-based defenses”).  As the Human defense collapses back on the planet the Worldkillers continue to snipe away.  At this point the question appears to be who will be attrited first; the planet or the intruder ships as they do hit-and-run attacks.

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