Wargame Wednesday – Degrees of Success

A bit of a different Wargame Wednesday here.  This week my “wargame” was a full play-thru of the starship combat rules for the Thousand Suns RPG.  In particular, I used the Expanded ship-to-ship combat rules found in Thousand Suns: Starships.

For the battle scenario, I drew from my Mayday game a few weeks back.  I had a stock Fighter going after a Freighter.

Thousand Suns uses the 12Degree system, where your character has Abilities (ranked 1-12 with 6 being average) and Skills.  Your Target Number is the sum of the Skill and related Ability.  Roll 2d12 and try to get LESS THAN the Target Number.  The difference between the number rolled and the Target Number is your “degrees of success.”

Key characteristics for the Fighter were:  Dexterity 7; Perception 12; Initiative = d12+11; Piloting 2 (Target Number 9); Gunnery 2 (Target Number 9); Technical Sciences 1 (Target Number 13).

For the Freighter Captain:  Dexterity 7; Perception 8; Initiative = d12+7; Technical Sciences 7 (Target Number 15); Piloting 7 (Target Number 9).

Fighter and Freighter start off at range of 12 spans, opposing courses, Speed = 5 for each.

Initiative – Fighter wins Initiative 23 vs. 18.

Move – Frieghter goes straight ahead and accelerates.  Fighter reverses behind and stays close.

Targeting – Fighter rolls for Ladar Lock on Freighter.  Range is Short.  Use Technical Sciences (TN=13).  Roll = 8 => 5 degrees of success.  No countermeasures on Freighter so Lock-on!

Targeting -Freighter rolls for Radar Lock on fighter.  Captain makes the roll (uses Technical Sciences with TN= 15.  Range is Short. Roll 8 => 7 degrees of success.  Fighter used countermeasures.  This is an opposed Technical Sciences roll.  Freighter rolls 12 (3 degrees of success) versus roll of 15 (failure) for fighter. Good Lock for Freighter!

Engagement – Fighter shots at Freighter.  Use Gunnery Target Number (9) – Range Modifier (0) + Offensive Modifier (8) + Sensor Degrees of Success (5) + Piloting Skill Test Success (5) – Defensive Modifier of Target (1) – Target Pilot Skill Test Success (1) = 25.  Maximum is 24.  Roll of 9 means 15 degrees of success.  Damage Value of Fusion Beam is 4 x 15 degrees of success for 60 damage.  Freighter has only 32 hull.  VAPORIZED!

What I Like – The targeting stage is crucial to success or failure.  You have to have a good lock-on to the target to hit.  I also like the vector movement with simple up-down altitudes.

What I Don’t Like – The background material implies that ships slow down to engage in combat but beyond a range limitation of 12 spans there is no consideration for speed in to-hit calculations.  Seems to me that relative speed need be addressed as a modifier for hit-chance.

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