Threat Tuesday – “Strategic Projection”

Juan Carlos I (Spanish Navy)

The new Spanish Navy´s strategic projection vessel Juan Carlos I is pictured during its giving ceremony at the Ferrol Naval Base on September 30, 2010 (Getty Images).

So just what is a “strategic projection” ship?  In the Cold War days this would be called a “through-deck cruiser” or a “light carrier” or an “amphibious assault” ship.  In today’s politically correct world we now get “strategic projection;” does that mean the ship can be used only when there is a clear “strategic” need?

The Spanish Navy has a rich history of using aircraft carriers.  In today’s new world aircraft carriers seem to have fallen out of favor with small and medium-sized navies.  Instead we have a new breed of amphibious aviation ships that seem designed more for humanitarian than combat missions.

If a balloon ever goes up that is not the ship I want to be on….

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