Wargame Wednesday – 1805 Sea of Glory Trafalgar Scenario

Box Cover (GMT Games)

On the table this week is 1805: Sea of Glory.  This game is an operational study of the naval battles in that pivotal year.  I played the shortened Trafalgar Scenario.

If the forums on BGG are to believed, this game has a very loyal following and is somewhat highly rated.  After reading the rules I was very excited  about this game.  The subject matter is very interesting.  That same subject matter may be the downfall of this game.

Even in the shorter game there was plenty of dead time.  It seems that the British fought the weather more than the Allies.  This may be historically correct but it makes for boring game play.   Maybe the full game covering the entire year can be more interesting but what I see coming is a situation where the game is decided on one battle – like Trafalgar – and the rest is boredom.  This game may be a case where design-for-effect has recreated the historical situation accurately, but that accuracy is not what most expect nor want to replay.

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