Exploring Savage Worlds

Courtesy Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Savage Worlds is a generic role-playing system.  The game bills itself as “Fast! Furious! Fun!” and it delivers. 

The Core Mechanic compares an attribute or skill die (d4/d6/d8/d12) to a task number (usually 4) for success.  This is a very simple approach, and makes for fast resolution of conflicts or challenges.  Some have compared Savage Worlds to the CORTEX System but, although both use die-types for attributes and skills, CORTEX tends to be more detailed and “crunchy” than Savage Worlds.

The Explorer’s Edition is a small (6″x9″) glossy bound book that is nearly perfect for tabletop use and study.  I say “nearly perfect” because one does have to visit the game site to get an index, character sheets, combat templates, and other “necessary” items that probably should have been included in the book.

I intend to use Savage Worlds for a psuedo-pulp sci-fi game for my kids.  Having tried Star Wars: Saga Edition and finding it too complex for the younger ones, and loving Mouse Guard but wanting a different genre of play, I think Savage Worlds fits the bill.

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