Atlantic Navies Crosses the Pacific

Courtesy CoA
Courtesy CoA

Thanks to the fine gentlemen at Clash of Arms Games I am the proud new owner of Atlantic Navies: Command at Sea Volume VII.  This is the latest version of the Command at Sea portion of the Admiralty Trilogy and includes several books:

  • Command at Sea 4th Edition Rules
  • La Guerre Navale: The French Navy in WWII
  • Gruppe Nord: The Kriegsmarine in WWII
  • Home Fleet: British & Commonwealth Navies in WWII

The 4th Edition rules are nothing revolutionary, and if one has a subscription to The Naval SITREP you have probably already seen all the rules that were changed or introduced. The greatest advantage of the 4th Ed. is that all the errata and rules since the 3rd Edition are brought together in one place.

Of the data books, Home Fleetis the simplest because it is a collection of only data entries.  No scenarios or historical commentary here.  Gruppe Nord focuses on the Norwegian Campaign and provides many scenarios and data entries for the German Fleet and the enemies it fought along the fjords.

L’Guerre Navaleis the real treasure in this collection.  Here you have the ENTIRE French Navy in WWII.  Along with the obligatory data annexes are numerous scenarios, with a particular focus on North Africa and the Vichy French Navy.  There is also one scenario from the Siam War in 1940 (this is probably going to be my favorite scenario in this set).  I found the historical commentary most interesting; who really knew Admiral Darlan did as much as he did?

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