Star Wars Mini Ship Combat Games

What would Star Wars be without starfighters?  Well, not much actually, and over the years I have played (or tried to play) many Star Wars space combat games.

pic12128_tStar Wars Star Warriors from West End Games is probably the best game out there, but can be a bit hard to play (too crunchy is the phrase often used).  Each ship has an individual control sheet.  Great for small dogfights but the system gets bogged down with too many ships.  The game also includes rules for integration with the WEG Star Wars Role Playing Game.  With a little bit of some work, this can be converted over to other systems.  This gem of a game occasionally comes available on e-bay.



Another game that lets you play with snubfighters also hails from the RPG world.  Star Wars: Silent Death Starfighter Combat Game is from a very old edition of Star Wars Gamer Magazine.  This game uses the Silent Death system as the basis, and works good for fighter-to-fighter combat.  This pdf file is still available from WotC (though they probably don’t know it) and is FREE!  The trick is to use the direct link, here, because I sure can’t find it linked off the WotC website.  This game also rules for linking to what was the then-current WotC Star Wars RPG system, though that has now been superseded by the Saga Edition.

The Tales of the Freespirit Combat Game is a home brew effort that  again came out of RPG roots, this time West End Games d6 Star Wars system.  The focus is once again on starfighters though smaller ships can be used too.  Price is great, because once again it is free!

But how do you play all these games?  Most have counters or are print-n-play.  But if you want miniatures but don’t want to spend all the money, there is a real easy way, and the solution is no further away then your kid’s playroom!

Atomic Minis is a site where the owner shows us how to use LEGOs to make numerous small Star Wars ships.   How many can you identify in this picture below?


So there you have it, one really good and several free Star Wars starfighter combat games, and miniatures to boot!

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