What’s Happening Now

Not that you can tell from this board, but I have been busy recently.  The best part is Mrs. RMN went with her parent’s and sisters for a winter trip. This means I get to take a few days off from work and take care of Little I.   We have gotten in many games of “Hey! That’s My Fish!” and Blokus Duo or Chicken Cha Cha Cha.  G & T are less happy; I don’t cook like Mom can!  We have played a few games of Qwirkle (and figured out we were playing wrong, but still having fun!).
I have also got more gaming in recently than my plays at BGG would tell you. Just before Christmas I got the TRAVELLER 5 beta CD from Far Future Enterprises. I am an old Traveller RPG player from the late 1970’s. This is the fifth generation of the game. Still needs some work, but I am a participant in the Private Access Forum over at COTI and have made a few comments there.
I have also dug deeper into the STAR WARS SAGA Edition RPG. More character generation as well as vehicles and playtests. I have started using a few LEGO vehicles to support the miniatures. Recently, Little I got a LEGO MARS MISSION set and it got me thinking that it would be perfect for Star Wars!
My cc also got charged recently for the next volume of the Admiralty Trilogy from Clash of Arms. This will be the Fourth Edition rules and the first to “harmonize” the rules across Fear God & Dreadnought, Commmand at Sea, and Harpoon 4.
In keeping with a theme found in this blog, I am working on a ROK Navy module for Harpoon 4. Maybe if I jumped on it earlier it could be in the Harpoon 2009 Naval Review but I was too busy/lazy to get going earlier.

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