Christmas Games

Games are a very important part of the family, and this Christmas saw a strong gaming presence.  Christmas day came in two parts (sections?) for the RMN family; a small early morning “bridge crew” and a later “full family” version.


dsc02112G got a copy of Qwirkle, and we later played a game.  Very fun!  Tiles are six colors and six shapes, and you lay tiles down either by matching shapes or colors, or you can try to get a “qwirkle” where you lay down six tiles of the same shape but different colors or six tiles of different shapes but same color.








T got a chessboard.  Simple, inexpensive, but very nice!  An older classic game that still has great value.








Other Games


Other games are Rush Hour (shown here) as well as Railroad Rush Hour , River Crossing Jr. and Crazy Campers (a puzzle game).  There was also Treasure Quest. These solo games are actually a good group game with the kids since they encourage thinking and assistance to the younger ones.  In this picture, I just got done showing JH (on the left) how to play, and now his older brother, DH (right) is helping him get set for the next challenge!




All in all a very “gameful” Christmas.

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