Star Wars Starship Combat Example

Learning the starship combat rules for the Star Wars Sage Edition RPG. 

Situation: 2x Rebel X-Wing fighters enter star system for a “hit-n-fade” raid.  Two Imperial TIE/In fighters are on patrol.

Exit Hyperspace

The two X-Wings exit hyperspace.  The TIE fighters get a chance to detect the hyperspace flash (Use Computer vs DC 25).  The TIE fighters do not have the Use Computer Skill and therefore can only detect if they roll a lucky 20.  *Roll is no good*

Approach to Battle

At range 60, the X-Wings can detect the TIE on a roll of 12 or better (DC -5; Use Computer +13 [Astromech droid], range mod -30).   *Roll is no good*

TIE fighters can detect X-Wing with a lucky 20 (DC -10; no Use Computer skill, range mod -30). *Roll is no good*

At range 50, the X-Wings can detect the TIE’s on a roll of 7 or better (DC -5; Use Computer +13, range mod -25).  *Roll is SUCCESS*  The X-Wings have acquired the TIE fighters.

The TIE fighters are range 50 need to roll a 15 or better (DC -10; no Use Computer Skill, range mod -25). *Roll is no good*

Having acquired their targets, the X-Wings power down sensors and follow a predicted intercept track.  No track attempt is made at range 40.

The TIE fighters are still clueless, and at range 40 need to roll a 15 or better again to detect the X-Wings (DC-10; no Use Computer Skill, range mod -20, -5 with targets powered down (running silent). *Roll is no good*

At range 30, the X-Wings bring up their sensors and attempt to relocate the TIE fighters along the predicted track.  The GM determines this is a +2 circumstances bonus, so the X-Wings need a 2 or better to relocate the TIE fighters (DC -5; Use Computer +13, range mod -15, circumstances +2). *Roll is a SUCCESS*

The TIE fighters need to roll a 5 or better to detect the X-Wings (DC -10; no Use Computer Skill, range mod -15). *Roll is no good*


Round 1:  The X-Wings decide to attack the TIE fighters.  The GM rules the TIE fighters are surprised (flat-footed) since the X-Wings have target tracking but the TIE fighters do not.  The two X-Wings each use Proton Torpedoes to target the TIE fighters.  Attack is +7 (Base Attack) – 10 (range mod) vs Reflex Defense of 11.  First X-Wing misses (roll is a 3, +7-10 for 0 – MISS -) while the second HITS (roll is an 17, +7-10 for 14 vs Reflex Defense of 11).  Damage is 9d10x2 with 62 rolled for a total of 124 hit points.  This easily overwhelms the TIE fighter which is vaporized.

Round 2:  Roll for initiative sees the X-Wings roll too low and they lose to the lone TIE fighter.  Having seen his wingman vaporized in a flash and still not having any targets on his scope the lead TIE uses ALL OUT MOVE and turns towards his base.  This gives the TIE fighter a speed of 20(!) and moves the range out to nearly 50.  The X-Wings are unable to pursue and instead break off and turn back towards the hyperspace jump point; their mission of striking fear into the Imperial patrols in this sector is accomplished.


The TIE fighter, lacking the Use Computer skill, has a very poor chance of getting an early detect on inbound targets.  More realistically, an Imperial Star Destroyer (assume ISD-I class as found in the Core Rulebook on page 183) would be in the system and could tried to make the initial hyperspace detection (DC 25; Use Computer +6, roll 19+ for success).  Even better, the ISD should be on patrol and would launch fighters only after any rebel scum is detected.  At range 60 the ISD would have to roll a 14 or better to detect  (DC -10, Use Computer +6, range mod -30).  At range 50 the ISD needs to roll a 9 or better to detect; at range 40 the required roll is only 4 or better, and by range 30 the detection is near-automatic!  Assuming a detect at range 40 followed by launch of a pair of alert fighters, the battle takes on a different flavor as the TIE fighters are vectored towards their target (not surprised) and instead can take the battle to the X-Wings.

Strictly speaking, there should be many more detection attempts.  Assuming the two fighters are tangent to each other at the start, the range countdown would be 60, 57, 54, 51, 48, 45, 42, 39, 36, 33, 30.  This is 11 detection attempts versus the 4 used.  Call it GM license!

Late Add Comment:  Forgot that torps that miss get a second attack.  Second attack is +7 (attack bonus) -10 (range mod) -5 (second attack penalty) for a total of -8.  The TIE fighter is using All Out Move and loses it Dexterity Bonus to its Reflex Defense so it defends at Reflex Defense of 13 (15-2).  The only way the TIE can be hit with the reattack is with a lucky 20.

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