Rocketship Empires 1936 – The Martians

What colors do you see?

RE36 Martian Composite
RE36 Martian Composite

Rocketship Empires 1936 is a systemless RPG.  While it has not wed itself to a particular RPG engine, it has provided a very extensive background world in which the Director can play around in.

One of the best parts is that the game is not ironclad, meaning the Director has much latitude.  Even with the extensive background, there is still room for your own creation.

Take for example the Martians.  In the Core Campaign Book (Chapter 2: Hegemony) it states there are three breeds of Martians; Gold of the Imperial House, Red for the Nobility, and Green for the masses.  But look at the this picture, taken from page 15 in the Core Book.  I clearly see Gold in the middle, Red on top, Green to the left and BLUE to the right.  A BLUE Martian?  But that’s not in the book!

Ahh, here is where I get to create MY Rocketship Empire!

Who are the Martians fighting?  We are not told.  Here is MY take on the situation.

The expansion of the Hegemony ended around 2000 yrs ago when the Martian War Cults were replaced by the Temple of Science.  For 1500 years there was a golden age in Martian culture as bio-mechanoid technology developed.  However, at a point around 1200 years ago, Emperor Fayootaktal ordered the Temple of Science to breed the golden skin pattern, hence the creation of the Gold Martians of the Imperial House.  At the same time, something happened to the pursuit of knowledge, many records were destroyed (or have been restricted by the Imperial House).  Martians also have a small population base.  This is because the society uses cloning to replace themselves, not natural breeding. 

All of the above is established canon, taken from the Core Campaign Book.

So who are the Blue Martians?  What if the War Cults still live beyond the fringe?  What if the War Cults have found a way to breed Red and Green, making a Blue?  What if Blues are naturally reproducing?  Wouldn’t this be enough to make the Temple of Science reach out to the greatest boogieman in the galaxy, the Humans?

In MY RE36 Universe (MREU) the Blues are the Martians at the far edge of the known galaxy.  The Blues are what’s left of the Martian War Cults.  Abandoned by their fellow Martians 2000 years ago after centuries of war, they now are on a war of liberation; the liberation of their homeworld from the straitjacket rule of the Gold Imperial House.

So the Hegemony has a problem.  Though they possess superior technology, they are losing the war of attrition against the reproducing (and expanding) Blue Martians.  The Hegemony has been using various races as mercenaries but the war is still being lost.  The Temple of Science has predicted that the critical crossover point, when Hegemony technology will not be able to reverse the growth and expansion of the War Cults is in 25 years.  Hence, the Humans have been approached.  The Hegemony goal is that in 20 years, the Humans will be ready to fight the War Cults.

This is MREU.

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