Lay-Aboard Drill

JFJB 10 Oct 08
JFJB 10 Oct 08


These translations just drive me crazy!!!

On October 8, a service ship group of the South China Sea Fleet of the PLA Navy conducted a lay-aboard exercise together with submarine chasers. Focusing on the demands of actual combat, the group organized its naval vessels to conduct cooperative trainings on laying aboard, replenishing and air-raid defense with other units, through which the comprehensive support capability of the troops has been effectively uplifted.

Figuring out these ships was a bit of a challenge.  The sub chaser (right) appears to be a Hainan-class, but with a more modern weapons fit.  That’s because it appears to be a Haijiu-class, a lengthen and up-armed HainanCombat Fleets only lists two of these late-80’s boats as being in service.

I can’t figure out the “service ship” along the left side of the frame.  Two boats with a crane just ahead…doesn’t seem to match anything.  Long shot would be a Fuchi-class oiler, but that is one of their newest ships and one would think it would be working with the latest, not older classes of small ships.

No idea about the stern-trawler at the top of the frame.  Paint scheme seems commercial or maybe border patrol.

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