Fleet Review

According to the ROK Navy, 50 warships and 30 airplanes from 12 countries would take part in the International Fleet Review 2008 slated for 5-10 October in the Busan harbor. The ROK Aegis destroyer Sejongdaewang (KDX-III-class DDG) will act as the host in the fleet review. Participating ships will include-

  • USS George Washington (CVN-73)
  • USS Cowpens (CG-63),
  • USS McCain (DDG-56),
  • USS Buffalo (SSN 715);
  • Suzunami (DD-114 Takanami-class DD) from Japan;
  • Harbin (DDG-112 Luhu Project 052-class DD) and Louyang (FF-527 Jiangwei II-class FF, name not listed in Combat Fleets) from China;
  • Varyag (CG-011 SLAVA/Project 1164-class CG) and Marshal Shaposhnikov (DDG-543 UDALOY/Project 1155R-class DD) from Russia.
  • Other participants will include India’s landing ship Gharial (Magar-class LST), Canadian escort ship Calgary (Halifax-class FF), a British maritime research ship, a Thai escort ship, and a Singaporean landing ship.

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