New Books

Several books have made there way through the hands of RMN this past winter. Here are some impressions.

Bankrupting the Enemy: The U.S. Financial Siege of Japan Before Pearl Harbor by Edward S. Miller.  Miller previously wrote War Plan Orange.  Both books look at event leading up to WWII in the Pacific, with the latest Bankrupting… focusing on the financial aspects.  Miller shows that the financial sanctions drove Japan in ways that leaders in the US probably did not intend, but were unable to fully control given the power of upper-to upper-middle level bureaucrats who often did what they thought was intended.  Miller is a former CFO and obviously has a great grasp of financials, a grasp that doesn’t fully come across in his book.  I am sure he knows what he talks about, but I am not so clear I understand what he said.  Nonetheless, Bankrupting the Enemy is a worthy book to read to expand one’s understanding of the issues that led to WWII.

Through the Wheat: The U.S. Marines in World War I by Brig. Gen Howard Simmons, USMC (Ret.) and Col. Joseph H. Alexander, USMC (Ret.) is not my usual book.  I tend to stay away from ground forces; just not my cup of tea.  That said, I really enjoyed this book because it related events I was unfamiliar with in a manner that was easy to read and understand.  A good read in the best sense of the phrase!

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