War at Sea Comes Aboard

Avalanche Press has been having some really wild sales recently.  In the past month I have ordered:

Great War at Sea: Pacific Crossroads (GWAS in the Pacific following WWI)

Greate War at Sea: Sea of Troubles (Caribbean following WWI)

Great War at Sea: South China Sea (Far East in the 1920’s)

Great War at Sea: Mediterannean (2nd Ed)  (WWI in the Med)

Second World War at Sea: Coral Sea

Second World War at Sea: Strike South (Japan Invades the South Seas, 1941-1942)

Second World War at Sea: Bismarck

Of these I have South China Sea and Strike South delivered so far.  Here are some impressions:

  • South China Sea uses the map from War Plan Orange, basically the southernmost islands of Japan to Hong Kong to the Phillipines.  The eight operational scenarios form an early War Plan Orange look at naval operations in the Far East.  The US Navy is based out of Cavite in the PI while the Brits get Hong Kong.
  • Strike South recreates the situation in Malaya and Indonesia at the start of WWII.  In each scenario the allied player has little chance of winning, instead having to just not lose by too much.

I have been using Battleship Captain as the tactical combat resolution system for these games.  Not my favorite but Battlewagon is in storage.  More detailed scenario replays will follow!

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