SITREP – 19 May 08

Another week gone by; one closer to getting out of here.

Spent last week on the watch (M-F, 12 hr shifts) so that my “kids” could go to a training course. From Monday to Thursday saw my boss exactly once and exchanged just two words with him.  Tells you how important and vital I am to his overall operation.

L spent the week depressed (like she always gets when I am not home for meals).  The young ones ate out alot because Mom didn’t feel like cooking for them.

All got better on Saturday when L and I went out to dinner.  Amazing what a little quality time can do for your morale.

The kids went to see Speed Racer this weekend.  They loved it.  I have one DVD of the original cartoon series from the late 1960’s that they have seen so it was not totally a new experience for them.  Even so, the movie is apparently NOTHING like the cartoon so they now have their own vision of Speed.

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