#WargameWednesday Retrospective – Starship Duel I & II (FASA, 1984)

In 1984, science fiction movies were big. Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi had come out in 1983, andĀ Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, premiered that summer. During this time, a small game company, FASA, had the license from Paramount to create games based on the Star Trek universe. In addition to a role playing game and a starship combat game, FASA also published Starship Duel I and Starship Duel II.


Courtesy BoardGameGeek

These both were “pocket” games and used an innovative wheel to show relative facingĀ of the dueling ships. Each ship had its own wheel and status card. The idea was that one could play duels between different ships based on the FASA Star Trek universe.

What I Though of Them Then – At the time, these were very inexpensive games – meaning a poor high school kid like me could afford them. Their portability also lent themselves to travel, and they could be played with a very small footprint is a relatively short time. Unfortunately, with only two versions ever published, there were only four ships to play with meaning the replay value was low.

What I Think of Them Now – These games are still fun to play. The innovative window wheels are a bit fiddly but nonetheless fun. I have played these games a few times with the RockyMountainNavy boys. Like before, the games are highly portable, short, and interesting the first few times played.