Wargame Wednesday – Veterans Day Outlook

Looking forward to a long weekend and hoping to get in a few games.

Aeronef – Will try to get my “Savage Aeronef” battle done.  What will happen to ‘Ace’ Woodley?

Imperium – Will try to find out what happens in the Second Terran War.

Star Wars Saga Edition – Following my Star Warriors and Star Wars Silent Death games I am going to give a similar scenario a shot using the SWSE starship combat rules.

Star Wars Silent Death – Dantooine Death Spiral

A Star Wars Silent Death Scenario

“You feeling better now?” The Rebel Captain sat down and passed a cup of caf to the pilot seated across the table from him. The pilot had obviously just returned from a mission, as his flight suit and brow were sweaty. The pilot nodded without looking at the Captain and took the cup. His hands shook as he sipped the hot liquid.

“Well, we need to get he debrief done now, while the mission is still fresh in your mind.” The Captain pressed a sequence of buttons on the comp-pad in front of him. A holographic display came to life above the table in front of him. It showed two Rebel A-Wing fighters, labeled Green 3 and Green 6, facing off against three Imperial TIE fighters, labeled Iron 2, 5 and 11. Both groups were on opposing courses and slightly offset.

The rebel pilot sighed and set the cup of caf down. Taking a deep breath, he began….

Scenario 1 – Patrolling the Depths of Space. Both Green 3 and 6 are Pilot 6/Gunner 8. TIE 2 is Pilot 8/Gunner 5, TIE 5 is Pilot 6/Gunner 8, TIE 11 is Pilot 4/Gunner 6.

“Well, we started off in a straight-in run. Green 6 was right behind me. At the end of our run we turned to port and faced off. The Imps pretty much mirrored our maneuver, except the last one went a bit wider than the others. Our first shots all missed.”

  • Green 6 vs Iron 2 – Range =7; [roll 3d8 (Low)] 7,4,1 (Miss).
  • Iron 5 vs Green 6 – Range =10; [roll 3d8 Low] 1,1,5 (Miss)
  • Green 3 vs Iron 2 – Range =7; [roll 2d8+1d6 Low] 8,2,8 (18>14 = Hit) Dmg 4-1=3 (later Damage Control rolls will repair this damage)
  • Iron 2 vs Green 6 – Range =7; [roll 2d8+1d6 Low] 6,4,2 (Miss)

“After the first exchange of shots, we tried to get around them but all three of them ended up behind us. Green 6, uh, Lohl, got it.” The pilot looked down at nothing in particular.

The Captain interrupted, “You didn’t launch any torpedoes?”

The pilot visibly turned a shade redder in his face. Without looking up he said, “Sorry Cap, guess I forgot.”

“Well, go on,” the Captain said as he shook his head.

  • Iron 5 vs Green 6 – Range =3; roll 8,8,3 (19>15 =Hit) Dmg 4
  • Iron 11 vs Green 6 – Range =5; roll 8,5,1 (Miss)
  • Iron 2 vs Green 6 – Range =2; roll 4,5,4 (14:14 =Hit) Dmg (4+4*2) =16 =>TARGET DESTROYED

“After Green 6 got it I extended and then reversed into the battle. The Imps stayed in my front arc; one even blew his reverse turn.” The pilot looked up straight into the Captain’s eyes. Speaking forcefully, the pilot stated, “And I made one of them Imp suckers pay!”

  • Green 3 vs Iron 5 – Range =3; roll 6,7,5 (17>14 =Hit) Dmg 8 (add Critical Hit for +3 structural damage) => TARGET DESTROYED
  • Iron 5 vs Green 3 (Iron 5 and Green 3 are both Gunner 8 so fire combat is simultaneous) – Range 3; roll 7,2,3 (MISS)
  • Iron 2 vs Green 3 – Range 1; roll 5,1,1 (Miss)

“You were outnumbered two-to-one,” the Captain stated in a matter-of-fact voice. He eyed the pilot thoughtfully. “Why didn’t you disengage?”

The pilot was still looking straight at the Captain. “After Lohl got it, I was not about to let go. The Imps and I reversed into each other again, but the range and angles were too great for any shooting. I had only one TIE fighter in my forward arc.” The pilot allowed a wolfish grin to cross his face; “But I remembered my concussion missiles!”

  • Green 3 launches two concussion missiles targeted at Iron 11. After movement, the missiles reach Iron 11. He fails his dodge roll and both hit for a combined 11 damage. The TIE fighter can only take 10 hits =>TARGET DESTROYED
  • Iron 2 vs Green 3 – Range 2; roll 2,7,4 (Miss)

“So now you have your dream situation,” the Captain seemed almost to be musing to himself. “The TIE pilot is obviously the lead – likely the best one in the group. You have no wingman. Yet you still stayed?” The Captain now sounded quite critical.

Still smiling, the pilot continued, “Seeing that I started out without an angle to fire, I extended again and reversed into the fight. He did the same and we faced off again.”

  • Green 3 vs Iron 2 – Range =4; roll 3,6,1 (Miss)
  • Iron 2 vs Green 3 – Range =4; roll 5,5,3 (Miss)

The pilot was now speaking faster, “Since he was right in front of me I used my last two missiles. We then once again reversed into each other.” The pilot stopped for a moment and wiped his brow with his sleeve. “He was one lucky Imp; he dodged both missiles. Once again we were nose-to-nose at very close range.” The pilot’s eyes narrowed as he looked at the holo. “This time I made my guns count!”

  • Green 3 vs Iron 2 – Range 1; roll 8,6,8 (Hit) Damage 10 =>TARGET DESTROYED