#ModelMonday – The Red Baron returns!

My friendly local model shop, Piper Hobby, had an awesome sale last summer with many kits available for great prices. Amongst the many boxes were several old Revell kits, including a 1/28 scale Fokker Dr. I Richof triplane. At the time, Little I was really into the miniatures game Wings of Glory and all-things WWI aviation so we picked it up and later gave it to him as a present. This past weekend, with poor weather outside, Little I built it.


Both he and I are pleased at how it came out. Little I was worried that the triple wings would be difficult to assemble but the pieces went together easily enough. The kit is not the most detailed but it ended up looking nice enough. Next up, the companion 1/28 scale SPAD XIII.

Model Monday – Dec 2013 to Jan 2014 Projects

Even with the holidays boys have been able to get a few models built:
Spirit of St. Louis (Testors Classics 1/72) – Simple model to build and paint for Little I.
P-51 Mustang (Airfix 1/72) – Small parts may be too small for Little I.
SBD Dauntless (Revell 1/48) – Kit has many moving parts like working undercarriage, dive brakes, and releasable bomb. More of a toy then a display model though the addition of an LSO and bomb cart with handler lends this kit to a diorama. Built by T.